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1/9/2014 11:42

Hello MuWars players!!

For the September month we have increased reward for voting!

From now all september it is double! Vote and earn you FO FS sockets set and 32k lvl!

7/7/2014 11:42

To play download new update and extract over old client!


We have update graphics, fixed agility bugs, and added antihack!

3D camera configs: F7 Enable, F8 Disable, F9 Restore

If your client closes, you must close all suspicios softwares on your PC!

2/7/2014 11:42

Same socket items have been fixed and now are added ingame! Now you can buy items with same sockets from item shop!

Due that we offer you special 33% promo! Now you get 33% more credits than before!

Promotion ends 30. July!

Update: New client update with better antihack + new features comming soon!

1/11/2013 11:42

To reduce lags server has changed hosting!

If now you cant connect to server, download this and extract over your old client!

Download this!!

If you can connect you dont need this patch!

Happy playing!

20/10/2013 5:22
New website done!
Now vote reward, grand resets working!
Updates on web shop, same sockets now not awayable!
20/10/2013 5:22
New News
MuWars MAX Season 6 Episode 3 with Ex:700 items!!!
Server online!!! To play download client!
Expierence: x9999
PPL: 100
New 30 epic wings!!! (drops in high level maps)
37 cool custom sets!
Sockets on all items! (No Same sockets)
Kundun spot lorencia, Medusa Spot LT1
Semi F.O Items drops from events!
PC Points, earn best pets, sockets!
Webshop is open, you can choose your set now!
Currently this is only one server.

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